Journal Checker Widget

The Journal Checker Widget allows you to embed the Journal Checker Tool’s full functionality on your site. It also allows you to pre-select any of the values for the user: the ISSN for a journal, the funder, or the ROR for the institution.

To embed the widget on your web page, copy and paste the code below into the web page where you want the widget to be displayed, and then customise it according to the documentation below.

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <link href="" rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
    <div id="jct_plugin"></div>
        window.jct_query_options = {
            journal: "[issn_of_the_journal]",
            funder: "[funder_id]",
            institution: "[ror_of_the_institution]",
            not_he: false, // true or false

You can see a live demonstration of the widget here.

Considerations for embedding

The Journal Checker Widget provides a similar experience for the user as the main Journal Checker Tool. It is presented as a “sidebar”, suitable for embed in a narrow enclosure (300px by default) on your site. This is similar in presentation to the mobile view of the main Journal Checker Tool. It will take up a reasonable amount of vertical space, and that space will vary depending on exactly what results the user gets from their query.

The widget will give the user the 3 standard input boxes (with autosuggests for values), and then the usual summary of compliance options followed by a link to the main JCT page for full details on their results.

See the live demonstration of the widget to see a reference example.

Configuring the widget

The widget can be configured to pre-fill the user input boxes with values dictated by the embedder. Any number of the input boxes can be pre-filled.

The parameter window.jct_query_options takes a set of default values for the plugin to offer to the user. All of the parameters are optional, and you do not need to include them if you do not want any default values.

This parameter should be a valid journal ISSN. Setting it will pre-fill the “Journal” input box on the widget. A user will also be able select other journals from the “Journal” box.

For example, providing the following configuration will pre-fill “Nature”:

window.jct_query_options.journal = "1476-4687"

This parameter expects the JCT Funder ID. Setting it will pre-fill the “My Funder” input box on the widget. A user will also be able to select other funders from the “My Funder” box.

See the list of Funder IDs for a full list of your available options.

For example, if you wish to pre-fill the “My Funder” input box with the “Academy of Finland (AKA)” then you should provide:

window.jct_query_options.funder = "academyoffinlandaka"

This parameter expects the ROR of the institution. Setting it will pre-fill the “My Institution” input box. A user will also be able to select other institutions from the “My Institution” box or select No affiliation.

If you do not know the ROR of the organisation that you wish to pre-fill, you can find it by searching in the ROR Registry and taking the alphanumerical ID of the organisation (like 041kmwe10). For example, this will pre-fill “Imperial College London”:

window.jct_query_options.institution = "041kmwe10"  

Do not include the part of the ROR ID.

This parameter can be set to either true or false and is used if you want to run the compliance check with no institution pre-filled. Instead the “Not affiliated” checkbox will be selected. If set to true, it will override any institution value you have set. A user will also be able to uncheck this box and select other institutions from the “My Institution” box.

window.jct_query_options.no_he = true

Customising the styles

The styles for the widget are provided by the plugin.css file, and you may customise or override the styles here as you need.

The main styles you may wish to override are the width and font-size of the widget, which can be done with the following properties:

#jct_plugin {
    width: 300px;
    font-size: 12px;

The information provided by the Journal Checker Tool represents cOAlition S’s current understanding in relation to the policies of the journals contained within it. We will endeavour to keep it up to date and accurate, but we do not accept any liability in relation to any errors or omissions.